If you’re spring cleaning or just doing some home maintenance, you may find that there are plenty of repairs that you’ll come across. Some of them you will be able to handle yourself, but you need to know when to call in the pros. You also need to know when you’re being stingy. Don’t hesitate to repair something that’s heavily damaged because you fear the cost. It may be more dangerous to leave the damaged items as they are. Here are a few more tips for home repair and maintenance.


Mold is one of the biggest problems most homes face. You may think that scrubbing away the mold and grime in those damp areas is enough. However, especially if the mold seems to reoccur in these spots, it may be that there is a leak inside a wall or ceiling that needs to be tended to. Call a plumber to assess the damage, and find out if more extensive repairs might be required.

Replace or Repair

Before you order brand new product, see if you can find someone to fix weatherboards Melbourne. You might be able to save more if you know when to repair and when to replace. If some window frames have rot, for example, you don’t need to replace them all. The wood can be replaced only where necessary, and treatment can be applied to all wooden areas to prevent further damage. In other cases, however, it may actually be more cost-effective to replace items altogether, like with some appliances. You might as well replace the old obsolete model of refrigerator, for instance.

Safety Hazards

Do a thorough inspection around the house to find any potential hazards that need to be dealt with. If you are unsure of what counts as a safety or environmental hazard, it is best that you contact a building inspector. However, you should generally be on the lookout for fire hazards, loose or expose electrical wiring, and structural damages around the house.

Know when to Do-it-Yourself

Take care that you don’t mess with any of the wiring, plumbing, or any other big jobs. Many of these need proper licensing, and often pose serious dangers. Don’t risk injury to you or your family by trying to repair something you’re unfamiliar with, no matter how accurate those YouTube video instructions are. Basic things like changing light bulbs, replacing a tile, or patching up paint are usually where you should limit your involvement. Don’t let the idea of saving money jeopardize your health and safety or risk damaging the house further.

Preventative Measures

Whatever extent of maintenance you’re performing, it pays to see to some preventative measures. You’ll prevent future damage and minimize costs on repairs. Cover pipes with insulation, especially in preparation for winter, use weatherproof outdoor paint, and apply weathershield protection to your woodwork.

These are just a handful of ways that you can maintain your home and repair household damage. The best way to make sure you are being safe and following correct procedures is to hire the right professionals. It’s not advisable to do any of these repairs yourself.

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