Living right by the Dandenong Ranges, the picturesque low hill area near Melbourne, is a dream come true for many. Luckily for Melbournites, there are plenty of desirable suburbs in the area to buy and invest in property. Here are the best neighbourhoods for families and singles wanting to move to the ranges suburbs:


This small village surrounded by hills is one of the best known suburbs in the Dandenong ranges area. It’s got the best of both worlds. The suburb is located at the heart of the ranges, but it’s not too far from the Melbourne Central Business District region. You can commute to and from the city on a daily basis in relative comfort. Houses in this neighbourhood are rather affordable as well, especially for singles or new couples wanting to settle down with kids.

The suburb is best known for the historic Puffing Billy Railway that snakes through the ranges. This former logging town has properties of all kinds to invest in, including affordable weatherboard houses as well as renovated contemporary two-storey homes. The scenery is definitely amazing. There are also excellent facilities in town, including shops, cafes, and a cinema.


Unlike Belgrave, Tecoma is the type of small down that defines this hilly and forested region. This small suburb is quiet and peaceful. It has a train station and a primary school. Shopping is not as vast as in larger suburbs, but there are several fast food joints. The best part about the suburb is that it adjoins the Sherbrooke Forest.

This suburb is rich in history and biodiversity. The small township only has a few homes available throughout the year, but the demand is high because of the quaint atmosphere. If you want to invest in property in a region like Tecoma, it’s highly recommended to consult with agents like First National Real Estate Ranges who specialise in the area.


It hardly gets more Australian than Cockatoo. This pristine suburb is located in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. This charming neighbourhood is surrounded by gorgeous scenery so much so it feels more like an eco-retreat than a suburb. Cockatoo is a great place to raise a family thanks to a number of excellent local schools.

Despite being in the middle of the ranges, this suburb is well developed. It has multiple supermarkets, schools, and the town offers many entertainment options. The suburb also connects easily to other suburbs in the area like Belgrave and Emerald.


Emerald is popular among home buyers and renters thanks to the suburb’s close proximity to Melbourne CBD. The township has many schools but it also provides easy access to the top-ranking schools located in the city. The suburb provides access to public transport including a train line.

It’s the ideal suburb to live in to enjoy both the amenities of city life and the beauty of the ranges area. The suburb is surrounded by forest and there are plenty of nature trails to escape to on the weekends. Emerald is also considered a top neighbourhood for real estate investment because the city limits are expanding close to the suburb.

If you are hoping to invest in a starter home or to buy a second or third rental home in the ranges, you can choose any of the suburbs listed above.

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