Now that coworking is increasingly becoming a staple in the Australian business landscape we are seeing new twists on the original recipe that places professionals from diverse industries in one space. Whether it is providing daycare to working parents or including showers and changing rooms for professionals, the coworking space is yet again redefining itself in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

The hot desk in any coworking space is typically a workstation that allows users to work on a first come, first serve basis. While most conventional office setups rely on the dedicated desk, hot desking can have as many advantages. Among its many advantages, it is probably the most inexpensive way to go when joining a coworking space, but there are other advantages as well.

Continue reading for more details on the benefits of hot desking and how you can use hot desking to get ahead in business.

Improve Professional Relationships

Take as many opportunities to meet new people every day. The hot desk is the place to plant the seeds of professional relationships. Just by virtue of the fact that the hot desk places you in the vicinity of other professionals, you have the chance to meet and develop relationships with pretty much anyone in the coworking space. As the first point of contact in the coworking space, you can find yourself talking about just about any topic with anyone in the space. Even better, this office setup allows you to meet as many people as you want simply because there are no assigned seats, and you can find yourself seated next to someone new every day.

Use The Space As Reference

Whether coworking or not, the hot desk can also be a source of reference for professionals in the space. In a typical space, professionals can engage with a number of people from varied industries. The coworking space can be your encyclopaedia offering a wealth of information, and it is all within talking distance. In essence, coworking professionals should use the hot desk as a resource that can be a shortcut to getting what they need.

Maximise Space In The Office

Another way hot desking can be used is to make the most of your workspace. Outside of the coworking plan, the hot desk presents you with a chance to use office space to your advantage. Many offices are plagued with having unused furniture that takes up space, including desks. For your office, it means visitors are faced with an office that, while business-like, appears a slight bit cluttered.

The hot desk can alleviate the clutter in your office by making employees share workspace. Of course, in doing this, you will find that you will have to set some ground rules around the workspace, namely cleanliness. However, sharing space can reduce the amount of money you spend every month on office space and make the space you do have less cluttered.

Reduce The Amount Of IT Mess

Another benefit of the hot desk is that it reduces the amount of mess that occurs when cables and extension plugs are needed for office computers. Whether working in the most humble office building or the most luxurious tower, one of the worst things to work around is desk space that has a million cables and cords tangled underneath it. Instead, the hot desk model creates a streamlined, centralised workspace.

Hot Desking’s Major Benefits

The hot desk offers more than monetary benefits for coworking professionals and for those who simply want a better-organised office. These workstations can be both a place to collaborate and connect while also being a way to maximise space. In the end, shared space can take on new meaning for your business with the inclusion of the hot desk.

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