Roofs which have been over your heads for decades. They need to be checked from time to time, as there’s a good chance that you’ll find pieces of it falling on top of you! Now you can hire a professional company to do this service for you. You can also find symptoms of a weak roof simply through observation. This should be done on at least a 6 month to an annual basis to ensure that you have the strongest and least vulnerable roof above your head. Roofs are initially made to last for ages, but that doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore its maintenance, as its importance cannot be stressed on enough.

Here are some factors that you must look into to ensure that you have a strong roof above your head.


Somewhere down the line on a rainy day, you may have drops of water falling on your head while you were occupied with something in the house. Annoying much? Well this is the fundamental sign to know that your roof isn’t doing as well as it’s supposed to. Leaks are the first sign that your roof needs fixing on repairing, as roofs are initially built to withstand strong weather conditions and a rain leak shows signs of vulnerability. This is a sure sign that your roof needs immediate maintenance. It’s always important to act fast on this, as leaks are the first signs of a weak roof. If you do not act fast, the damages on your roof would grow and put you in a worse position than before, and you’ll have to incur extra costs to get it fixed.

Stains On Your Roof

Another very apparent sign that your roof may be giving away is the presence of dark patches and stains on its surface. This means that algae or some sort of bacteria is living there due to the roof being exposed to the elements, which definitely should not be the case! If you notice stains on your roof, your best bet is to phone a home maintenance company such as ABCO Building. They would provide a viable and practical fix as soon as possible.

Peeling Of Paint

Signs of peeling of paint on either your home walls or even roof is a sure sign that your roof needs repairing. The reason for such peeling of paint is because water which has been able to seep through your roof as caused the deterioration of your walls. This is an issue because water should be able to enter through your roof, meaning that your roof is extremely weak and cannot hold up any of the rain which falls on it. The peeling can also be a sign of extreme heat on your roof which it isn’t able to handle, which would in turn lead to its deterioration.

Even though you may be able to diagnose as to whether your roof needs fixing or not, you must certainly consult a professional before going ahead with repairs!

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