What You Need to Know When Building A House

Building a new house is exciting but doing so is a tedious task you have to undertake. Although most construction companies follow a blueprint and Ghant Chart as a guide on the construction details and schedule, homeowners still prefer to monitor the construction progress closely. Then again, you cannot blame the homeowners for wanting to have a close eye on the project. It is their house, after all. However, a formal monitoring is often conducted not by homeowners but by building inspectors. They are the ones who are considered as experts on building technicalities. With them, you can be assured that your house complies with the Building Code of your country. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Read on to know more about it.

Finding a Building Inspector

First things first. You need to look for a building inspector. In most cases, your contractor has established a close tie-up with a building inspector who works with him during his projects. However, in case your contractor does not have any or in case you want to look for an independent one, you can find one in the association of Building Inspectors in your country. Apart from this, you can ask your local government unit for any recommendation.

Monitoring Varies

Building inspectors are not necessarily with you as soon as you start with the construction. In fact, they are only on board during a certain time frame. The aspects of new home stage inspections vary depending on which portion of the house you want to be inspected. It can pertain to the footing, framing, waterproofing, slab, practical completion, or even fixing of the house. Then again, not everything is mandatory. Depending on your country requirements, the mandatory ones vary. Although it may be costly, it is generally better if you bring in a building inspector during the multiple phases of your construction process. This will eliminate the need for major house construction modification as the project is closely monitored.

How It Goes

Regardless of which aspect your building inspector is expected to work on, he is responsible for the approval of the work that has been made by the contractor. He will closely look into the house and analyze if everything coincides with the corresponding Building Code of your country. In case he finds something wrong, the contractor is compelled to modify such aspect in accordance with his advice. If your contractor refuses to do as told, the building inspector will not issue a permit or approval. Through this, you can have peace of mind that your house will go well.

Payment Terms

Since the presence of building inspectors are a mandatory thing, the payment for the building inspectors should be included in the contract price of the house itself. Hence, you should read the contract thoroughly and closely look into the cost breakdown before signing it. Your contractor should know this process so he should not omit the building inspectors’ professional fee in the contract price.

Even though you may regard building inspectors as unnecessary costs, it is best to have your house checked by inspectors with good eyes. After all, you only want the best for your new home.

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