Low Maintenance Home Ideas

Having a home that you don’t have to be polishing and buffing on a daily basis is always a nice welcome. Especially with the lack of time in today’s lifestyle a home that needs for you to clean and polish and spend tons of money trying to keep it in order can be hard. Time and money is always something that most people find they don’t have too much to spare. If you have kids then it gets even tougher. So for such tough call the better choice would be to switch things up and make your home easy to maintain. Not only will you be saving up on money and time, but you will also find that you and your family is more relaxed not having to trip over clutter or come home to find a ghastly stain on the wooden floor. Here are some ideas of what you can do to achieve this kind of a home.

The Main Areas That Matter

When it comes to a home, the large surface areas as always the walls and the floors. Look at laminate flooring Melbourne to see if you can find nice ground work that will enable you to have a wooden look and finish in a fraction of the cost. Not only are these safe and good for the health as they are made from wood but are inexpensive and easy to install unlike full bulk wooden ones. They can go just about everywhere in your home, from the living areas to the bed rooms to the bathrooms. They come in a huge variety of colours and give you the opportunity to input your personal decorating style. They are easy to clean and maintain. A simple mopping and sweeping will do the trick. Even if you spill something you will not have to worry.

Paints That Can Withstand

When choosing paints for the home make sure you choose something that will withstand the kind of lifestyle you are living. If you have kids look for nontoxic paints that come with the ability to allow you to wipe off any crayon and pencils artwork. This way you won’t have to keep refreshing your paint but can simply clean up with no issue.

Switch to Practical Cabinets

Making sure you switch to cabinets and inbuilt wall cupboards are a good idea. Not only are they more durable they are also convenient. When you have to clean you can avoid spaces and nooks that wall to floor cabinets don’t have. Having wall to floor cabinets are also great as they will give you more storage space. With the added storage space you can reduce the clutter and make your home look more put together.

The Bathrooms Done Right

Switching to floating toilets and cabinets in the bathroom will make cleaning so much easier. Using a darker shade for the tiles grout will also make cleaning up so much easier. But make sure you do not compromise on hygiene and cleanliness. Instead of using shower curtains look for dividers that can be cleaned on both sides without any issues. Sliding doors will be hard to clean as there will always be that potion that is hard to reach. Instead look for glass swing shower doors.


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