Everything You Should Know Before You Hire Your Painting Contractor

Although most of us think that painting projects in the home are a great way to let loose our inner DIY-er, it is much harder than it looks. If you are planning to hire a painting contractor here are some tips you should keep in mind.

8 Tips Homeowners Should Follow to Hire a Good Painting Contractor

What Is A Painting Contractor?

You can hire a painting contractor directly or through a general contractor who has employed the painting contractor as a sub-contractor. A panting contractor handles a comparatively small operation with up to 20 or 30 painters working for him.

How to Find the Ideal Painting Contractor

You can find the painting contractors in the local area itself. If you are looking to get a minor job done, locating an experienced painter in Brisbanethat fits ideally with your budget is not a hard thing to do. While these painting contractors tend to focus mainly on painting, some others also provide services such as plastering the repairs, doing the small drywall jobs, trimming and moulding and perhaps even wallpapering.

Due to the high demand for their work, there is a great chance that your contractor might not show up at the right time to produce that estimate. If they do, you are lucky and check if their budget suits yours and go ahead with the painting project.

If you still did not find the perfect contractor, you can always check out the local newspaper advertisements, but there is no guarantee that they would do the most perfect job. This is when the good old’ way of neighbourly recommendations come to play. Ask your neighbours where they got their paint job done. You can even see it for yourself to get an idea of the expertise of the guy.

What Services Will You Painting Contractor Provide?

The every-day painting contractors will definitely take up almost any type of job; ranging from colour washing the inside of your room to painting your window trim and a paint job for the entire house. But assuming that you are looking at a complicated paint job for the inside of your house there are several services the painters will provide.

It starts with coverage of all the regions in your house that will not be painted. This includes floors, kitchen counters, windows, furniture. Your painting contractor will do minor preparation of the surfaces before they get into the main part of the project. This includes minor touches of sanding, scraping away the loosened up paint, tapping or pulling out several protruding nails and even cleaning off the woodwork. These little maintenance work are considered “minor” since the contractor will be under the assumption that the house is paint-ready.

However, they might prime the new drywall or even the existing paint job with an interior latex primer. They will also add two layers of the interior latex paint on the walls.

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How Can You Help Out With the Project?

Make sure your contractor has removed the electrical plates, doors, lights, sconces and other obstacles. You will also have to move away the furniture out of the contractor’s way for better access. Since moving the furniture away is not exactly the painter’s job, you will have to get into this job before they get started with the project.

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