Common Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting to Light up Spaces in Your Home

You might wonder why lighting a room might seem complex, but it is one of the most important factors that add to the look and feel of a space. Not enough lighting could make a space seem dingy or gloomy while too much light could completely remove any sense of warmth for guests who pay you a visit from time to time. Read on for the following tips.

Try Thinking of Lighting In Terms Of Different Layers

Most people consider lighting as fixture lights on a ceiling or those that are mounted on a wall. It offers a convenient option of lighting different areas of a space at a time and is practical. However, too much lighting could make your living room appear like a convention centre. The room will lack character and very little warmth or offer a cosy feel. A single stand-alone designer lighting piece could just light up a space and add a distinctive character to your room. Overhead lighting while it may seem practical, is not always the most practical option.

For example table lamps and floor lamps are essential for lighting on the lower level. Reading without a bedside lamp or working without a table lamp could lead to straining of the eyes. Plus there could be instances in your home where you would like to accentuate a piece of art work with some lighting to make it visible to guest. Consider these options especially if your building your home and can plan out lighting in advance.

Installing Dimmer Switches

Another important aspect to considerif you’re building a new home and are able to plan out your lighting requirements in advance is putting on a light dimmer. By putting a light dimmer switch you will be able to control the amount of light in each space according to the setting. The perfect lighting is just the thing you need for a quiet dinner party with friends. A cosy atmosphere is a bit hard to create when your whole dining area is lit up like a sports stadium.

Remember To Note Where Shadows Could Fall

If you are moving into a rented property, then any additional lighting can only be introduced at the ground level using a floor lamp and such. However, if you are planning the lighting for your home then take time to walk around the space and try to visualise areas where shadows could be cast. The wrong lighting placement from above could prove to be quite challenging when a shadow is cast at a spot where light is essential. Often the problem areas in a home usually are the washrooms and the kitchens. A light above the washroom mirror is often insufficient to clearly see your face or even light up the washroom counter. Similarly, a light fixture placed above in line with a counter will cast a shadow when someone stands to work at the counter. Adding lighting below the counter shelves could help to mitigate this situation.

The following are just a few of the common mistakes made when attempting to light a home. A well-lit home could remove the possibility of casting shadows but a carefully lit home offers that sense of snugness and relaxed atmosphere which is more inviting.

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