Styling Your Home Like A Pro

Planning to change the look of your home yourself? Yes, it’s a good idea to hire an interior designer.

However, if you’ve your own great ideas, you can go ahead and start planning.

It’s a great idea if you don’t have a significant budget. So, if you’re home anyway, you can tinker around your house just the way you want. Buy the curtains you need. Renovate your bathroom and kitchen with some great faucets and cabinets. Or, make your living room look so much cooler.

The home stylist job is changing bland and boring home to something extraordinary. To help you become your own home stylist, follow the helpful guidelines below.

Styling Your Home Like A Pro

It is your home, and the best person to know what makes the household happy is no one else but you. It may not be an easy task, but if you are well prepared, this supposedly challenging task can be fulfilling and fun.

To help you get started, below are important tips to consider when taking the role as your home “professional home stylist”:

  • Get inspirations

Photos of home images, from the internet, magazines or actual homes, you love the most should be collected and piled in a box or a folder. Get every interesting piece you see, the image of a chair or sofa, wall décor from paintings to wall clocks, curtains and more. Think of how you can tinker around with the house interiors, or Google for some great ideas. You will find something you will like.

  • Set the plan

What would you want your home to look and feel like? Do you want a classy or a modern look? Google what you want, get inspiration. Then, from each photo you collected, ask yourself what made you like that particular piece. Know the elements that catch your interest the most (it can be the pattern, the color or the shape of the furniture). You can also ask around your family and friends about their thoughts before you start shopping.

  • Never set aside comfort

No matter how beautiful your home design looks like, it will never be livable if it does not offer comfort to the household and its guests. Find furniture that can give people comfort. For your chair and sofa,for instance, you need to have nice and comfortable cushions to pair up with it, check on Wow Cushion ( for a wide range of comfortable and beautiful cushions to choose from.

  • Mix them up

You don’t need to buy new appliances and furniture to change the overall look of your home. Keep some of your old stuff and mix it up with new ones. Keep those that are still in pristine condition, or at least change or improve some of its parts, like cabinet handles and toilet bowl seat.

Changing the look of your home should often happen, hiring a professional is not needed as long as you know you can do it your own.

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