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How To Use Hot Desking To Your Advantage

Now that coworking is increasingly becoming a staple in the Australian business landscape we are seeing new twists on the original recipe that places professionals from diverse industries in one space. Whether it is providing daycare to working parents or including showers and changing rooms for professionals, the coworking space is yet again redefining itself in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

The hot desk in any coworking space is typically a workstation that allows users to work on a first come, first serve basis. While most conventional office setups rely on the dedicated desk, hot desking can have as many advantages. Among its many advantages, it is probably the most inexpensive way to go when joining a coworking space, but there are other advantages as well.

Continue reading for more details on the benefits of hot desking and how you can use hot desking to get ahead in business.

Improve Professional Relationships

Take as many opportunities to meet new people every day. The hot desk is the place to plant the seeds of professional relationships. Just by virtue of the fact that the hot desk places you in the vicinity of other professionals, you have the chance to meet and develop relationships with pretty much anyone in the coworking space. As the first point of contact in the coworking space, you can find yourself talking about just about any topic with anyone in the space. Even better, this office setup allows you to meet as many people as you want simply because there are no assigned seats, and you can find yourself seated next to someone new every day.

Use The Space As Reference

Whether coworking or not, the hot desk can also be a source of reference for professionals in the space. In a typical space, professionals can engage with a number of people from varied industries. The coworking space can be your encyclopaedia offering a wealth of information, and it is all within talking distance. In essence, coworking professionals should use the hot desk as a resource that can be a shortcut to getting what they need.

Maximise Space In The Office

Another way hot desking can be used is to make the most of your workspace. Outside of the coworking plan, the hot desk presents you with a chance to use office space to your advantage. Many offices are plagued with having unused furniture that takes up space, including desks. For your office, it means visitors are faced with an office that, while business-like, appears a slight bit cluttered.

The hot desk can alleviate the clutter in your office by making employees share workspace. Of course, in doing this, you will find that you will have to set some ground rules around the workspace, namely cleanliness. However, sharing space can reduce the amount of money you spend every month on office space and make the space you do have less cluttered.

Reduce The Amount Of IT Mess

Another benefit of the hot desk is that it reduces the amount of mess that occurs when cables and extension plugs are needed for office computers. Whether working in the most humble office building or the most luxurious tower, one of the worst things to work around is desk space that has a million cables and cords tangled underneath it. Instead, the hot desk model creates a streamlined, centralised workspace.

Hot Desking’s Major Benefits

The hot desk offers more than monetary benefits for coworking professionals and for those who simply want a better-organised office. These workstations can be both a place to collaborate and connect while also being a way to maximise space. In the end, shared space can take on new meaning for your business with the inclusion of the hot desk.

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Top Qualities That Will Make Your Rental Property A Big Hit

People these days, especially those who work in the city but has properties in the country, are into renting rather than owning a place for them to stay in while at work. It is actually more cost-saving that way and, if they are lucky enough to find a facility that is complete with in-house services, they definitely found a gold mine of an apartment.

Renting has become a better choice because, for one, the tenants do not really intend to settle in the city so buying a property is not an option. Renting is also a way to save in other aspects that normally would require a tenant to exert more effort to accomplish such as laundry, cleaning or security of the place where they live in. This is why leasing properties for residential purposes are considered a really marketable industry. However, because a lot of people are into this business, the competition has become tougher that if your property is not well taken-cared of or does not have a thing or two that is searched for by the tenants, then your business can be in trouble.

Getting A Good Manager

This is a really helpful consideration particularly if you have multiple properties for rent. A good manager handles a facility or property with care, precision and diligence focused into making sure that all tenants are well taken-cared of and are accommodated in the best way possible. These days, getting a great manager to handle your properties can be difficult. But fear not because there are reliable agencies that can help you in finding a rock star manager to handle your administrative duties. As a result, facilities management recruitment is very easy to access with the help of the right agency. Do a little research in the nearby agencies so you can get an idea on how to get yourself a great facilities manager that you can trust and rely on in keeping your properties in check and your tenants satisfied with your services.

Focusing On Your Strengths

In marketing a property so it will become a big hit on its intended tenants, one of the main strategies to work on is by playing with your property’s strengths. Is your property within a highly commercial area? Let your potential tenants know that everything is accessible where you are situated at. Show them that you are just this and that steps away from landmarks that you know will attract occupancy. Or, if your property has really amazing in-house amenities such as swimming pools, gym or restaurants make sure these are highlighted whenever you try to sell your rental spaces to them. If you happen to have well-known people visit your place from time to time, why not have them give feed backs and post these on your website or in your advertisements to let people know that you are highly recommended. It is all about highlighting your strong points and showcasing them in such a way that your potential tenants will never be able to miss them.

Owning a property for rent is a good investment. Who doesn’t want to earn income without having to do anything, right? But, being a property owner is not necessarily doing nothing and earning still. You must always find ways to keep your tenants because if they find a fault or something they do not like, it could be the end of their lease term you are handling next.

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Laundry Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Doing your laundry at home is not easy. The slightest mistake can really damage the fabric of the clothing or even the fitting of it. There can be changes in colour and also you will not be able to use the outfits for a long period of time. Sometimes there are cases where you will give your clothing to a Laundromat and they would still make certain mistakes that will cause the apparel a lot of distress and damage. However if you know what you can do right and use those tips to wash your clothing at home, you will not only save money but also be able to enjoy your garments for longer in original condition. Here are some mistakes that you really need to avoid when doing your laundry.

Sorting Light and Dark Colours Isn’t Enough

If all this time you were under the impression that simply sorting out the light coloured materials from the dark coloured ones is all that you had to do, you could not have been more off the mark. You ideally also need to sort out clothes according to how dirty they are. Basically, if you wash really muddied clothing with ones that aren’t, the end result is not that fresh and clean. Therefore, wash soiled clothing with ones that are equally dirty. Next, also avoid washing all the bed sheets in the household at once and wash each set separately adding small pieces like underwear or socks in it so that it does not all get entangled due to the different tumbling patterns.

Avoid the Dryer Wherever Possible

It is alright to use the dryer but try and reduce using it as much as possible. The more that you use clotheslines to dry your clothing, the better chance you have of retaining its original shape and texture but also of saving electricity. Even if you do use a dryer make sure that you do not overuse it and that you do not overload it.

Avoid Using Detergent Directly On the Clothing

Adding your washing powder or detergent directly on to the clothing can damage your garments. This is why there is a specific method and order to how you can add the detergent. You need to add the clothing into the washer first then place the water in sufficiently and lastly add the soap or detergent. If you are going to use a bleach then it is water first then clothing and then the soap.

Zippers and hooks

If you put clothing into the washing machine with open zippers, they might get caught on other fabric and pull them causing rips and tears. The same goes for any hooks that can be found in lingerie or on clothing as well. If there is a chance that anything can get caught on something, make sure that that particular item is placed inside a lingerie bag before being put into the washer or you can use a pillowcase as an alternative as well. These are some of the most common laundry mistakes that you probably did not know that you were making.

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Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can be quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Here are some great tips you can follow when you are on the hunt for the perfect house.

How Much Can You Afford As First Time Home Buyer?

Getting yourself a home might cost a fortune, basically everything you have saved your entire life. Therefore there can be no mistake regarding the matter. If you do not have everything you need to buy the home of your dreams, you might have to look for other options finance the house. Getting a mortgage can take a little while therefore you might have to have some money ready for a down payment. However, the question still stays, how much you can actually afford to pay for the house. If you sit down and do your finances you will be able to pay an instalment for the mortgage you are going to get. However, the experts recommend that the amount you pay for the mortgage should not exceed at least 28% of your income on a monthly basis.

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Pick Out an Ideal Real Estate Agent

This can take a little while just as getting a mortgage or even finding the ideal house for yourself. You can do your research about the real estate agents available in the area and even try out the recommendations that are available from their previous clients, testimonials available on the internet or maybe on their official websites. You can try out popular options like real estate agents Gladstone Park with years of professional experience. You can even pick out several agents and have separate interviews with them in order to pinpoint the perfect agent.

Is There Such A Thing As A Perfect Home?

It is understandable as a first time home buyer you are excited to find your ideal home. However, as most of the first time home buyers learn in the long run, the perfect house does not exist. Either you have to go in and risk your entire financial status to buy the perfect home for yourself. Learn to know that compromising is the key when you are hunting for the perfect home. Most buyers prioritize three main things when it comes to buying a house which is the price tag, the location and the size of the house. Realistically, you will only be able to achieve two things out of three.

Do Your Homework on the Matter

It is quite important that you do your own research about the matter when you are getting into the property hunting business. You can go ahead and seek help from the internet. Or you can ask your friends, family and even neighbours if they are in the real estate business.

Make sure not to be hasty when making a dictions or even an offer. Do your background check on the matter. Get an inspector for the inspection and decide if the house is good to go and in good condition as well. Conducting a home inspection is always a good idea to get a proper idea about the house.

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A Guide To Getting A Property For Your Startup

Planning to have a startup this New Year? Well, why not? The only thing that you need to be prepared for is a lot of thinking, hard work and sleepless nights while you teach the business how to sustain itself. One of the key factors that really needs your attention would be the kind of property that you are looking at in terms of setting up your office or business. In order for you to have smooth sailing in other areas, you first need to have the right footing in terms of your establishment and that is where you need to be really careful. Why? Because you are sinking a lot of money into this property and if it does not work out for you, you will risk losing all that. So here are some pointers that can direct you about what you need to really think about.

Officelovin': Tech startup offices are the new hiring tools I Andrii Degeler

Is The Location, Cost And Appearance Of The Property Suitable?

Before you get caught up in all the excitement and sign up for anything make sure that you really think about whether the location, the costs involved and the appearance of the property is something that you can get used to not just two or three months down the line but five years from now. You need to start thinking long term if you need your venture to succeed or your business will not be able to sustain itself. Think about whether the building is easily accessible, whether there are great parking facilities, if the premises are secure, whether it fits in your budget comfortably and whether or not it is appealing to look at from the point of view of a customer or even a potential employee. You should not have to compromise on these in order to get a property because every single bit of this information is really important.

How Will You Handle The Legal Formalities?

Especially when it comes to getting a property for business purposes, there will be a lot of legal formalities involved. You can certainly take this on and handle it by yourself, if you know what exactly you are doing. One of the biggest mistakes that many people tend to make is not being a hundred percent clear on the clauses that are on the agreement and failing to understand the fine print completely. Therefore, it would be wise and well worth the additional cost if you were to get the assistance of reputed commercial lease lawyers for this purpose. They will be able to advice you and tell you if something needs to be changed.

What Are The Advantages Of Taking This Property?

If both the above points have now been sorted out and you are ready to go ahead with this, you will still need to think about whether or not the property that you are getting gives you some sort of advantage and that means adding value to the money that you are investing in it. For example, if the property does not have enough parking space, if it is too far inside the by-road, if there is not much business around, the property is putting you at a disadvantage.

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Guide To Making Valuable Seller Leads For Your Business

The seller leads that your business can attract and convert pose just as much opportunity as the buyer leads that you make. However what you need to know is that creating and building seller leads has almost everything to do with great relationships. While the internet and the digital marketing available today has done a lot to change the way in which we interact with our leads, the need to build a mutually rewarding relationship with them cannot be undermined. You will need to look at getting a lot more visibility and communicating correctly and constantly. Here is a guide on how you can build some seller leads that will give you a great business opportunity.

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Pick The Right Geographic Niche

You need to first look around and see what is open to you as good opportunities in terms of geography. For example, if you want to be the first source that people come to when they want to put a house for sale Ringwood, you know where your location is. If you do not have such a niche, then play it smart and stick to a neighborhood where you know that you can make an average profit from each property because they will all go at a good value, nothing lavish but you will not be losing money either. It is also generally a good idea to keep a count of the profit that you are making by getting the average out of the transactions you close successfully. If you need to do research on a particular area look if there are any service providers there, if not, you are in luck. If the area has one provider who is the only one too, people will be having a lack of options and you can set up office there as well.

Position Yourself Effectively

In order for you to create seller leads, you need to have won the trust of people. Give back to the community honestly and as best as you can. If there are programs to help the community, play a role in it and build positive relationships with people. Even if this is not the case, study all the market stats that you need to know and make sure that you deliver these stats effectively to your leads. People want to hear stories that are local and successful from you. Do not fabricate them but rely on hard and tangible statistics to tell them what you can do for them. Keep yourself updated with everything that has to do in terms of the property value in that neighborhood and people will see you as an expert.

Have Marketing Focused On The Sellers

If you can plan out a mailing frequency to say maybe a specifically targeted area with seller leads will receive a postcard or listings once a month or once in two weeks. If you keep doing this consistently, you will begin to see a good level of return of investment but make sure that you do not do this too often or for too many places as it can increase the cost that you incur.

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Things To Think About When Creating A Layout For Your Home

If you are planning on building a home, the first thing that you need to think about is the layout. The layout of a home is really important as it will serve as the foundation of what you are building and will determine how comfortable the home is and how much you will be able to enjoy it. Therefore, any of the little mistakes that you make when you design the layout of the house will be amplified when it comes to the overall finish. Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration when you design the layout of a home.

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Look At The Practicality Of The Plan

You need to think in terms of the practicality of the plan first before anything else. If you have three flights of stairs that you need to climb every day to get from the living room to the bedrooms, will that really be practical, especially if there are elderly family members or children? Will it be safe? Also what if your pantry has just one window and no kitchen ceiling fans for ventilation? Will the air circulation be good enough? The layout design of your home is what decides the final look and feel of the home. Therefore, if you are unable to figure out the pros and cons of your layout, get the help of a professional who can deal with it.

Look At The Costs That The Design Will Incur

Different designs will require different levels of difficulty and skill which means that there will be different costs incurred. Depending upon the kind of monetary limitations that you will have, you may need to be flexible enough to play around with the layout design. Also keep in mind that once the layout plan has been approved and finalized, if you need to go back and make changes again, it might cost you quite a bit in terms of money and also time and resources, so try as much as possible to ensure that you get it right in one go.

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Get The Input Of Your Family Members

It is not just you that will be living in the home. Your family will be living with you as well, therefore, it is important that you take their input as well so that they are able to play an active role in the building of your home from the ground up. Remember that you will have to also cater to the needs of the people living in the house. If there are differently abled family members, you will need to allow for handicap access. If there are kids, you will need to make sure that the house is a safe zone for them. Therefore, the input of your family members is really something that you need to take into account. These are some of the aspects and details that you need to pay attention to when you are designing the layout for your home.

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Property Bubble In Australia

Mark Draper (GEM Capital) talks with Roger Montgomery (CEO Montgomery Investment Management) about Australia’s elevated property market.

Roger presents on ABC and Sky Business News, and is of the view that the property market is now most likely past its peak. He then discusses some of the implications of this for the Australian economy.

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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Restoring Old Homes

Are you planning on restoring an old home you’ve just bought? With concerns for safety and obsolete systems, it pays to be extra careful in going about the restoration process. There are too many things that you can do wrong if you’re not a professional and don’t know what you’re doing. It’s important to consult an expert before you do any remodeling yourself. However, here are a few common mistakes to watch out for nonetheless.

Not Having a Plan

Not only do these projects tend to have many an unexpected hiccup, but they are not the kind of process you can just wing as you go along. You need to have a building inspector check the entire house for starters. You have to know what damage there is, what systems need entire overhauls, and what structural changes you shouldn’t be making at all. You then have to strategically plan for the systems you wish to install, repairs to be made, and the order in which all these changes have to take place.

Doing it Yourself

Another common mistake is trying to fix things yourself. Many home renovations and restorations need to be handled by professionals, especially the older a home is. Make sure you hire someone for heritage windows repairs Melbourne, for example. Old homes require certain procedures and licenses to renovate. Make sure you have the right permits and follow zoning and building regulations carefully.

Having an Unrealistic Budget

You should have multiple experts check out and estimate the restoration project. These jobs are highly unpredictable, as unexpected repairs or problems can pop up at any time. Factor in contingency allowances for any unforeseen expenses.

Replacing Instead of Repairing

One easily avoidable mistake is the expenses involved in replacing or fixing things around the house. Depending on what needs to be done, it may at times be more costly to replace something altogether, and at other times it may be more expensive to try to fix it. Work closely with experienced builders and the contractor to find out the more budget-friendly and sensible options are in each case.

Historic-Rehabilitation Taxes

Depending on where you live and what kind of house you’re restoring, historic tax credits may apply. Make sure to do your homework on the house, the tax incentives, and historic preservation information that might be relevant. Get a hold of all the blueprints and layouts of piping and electrical work.

Going Against the House’s Design

While you may want to modernize the look and feel of the house, you have to find a delicate balance between what assets the house already has and the modernity you want. Work with the design and style of the house and look for ways to enhance it with a modern touch.

Making Unnecessary Changes

Know the fine line between ‘just enough’ and ‘too much’. Sometimes all a particular room might need is just a new coat of paint. Make sure you don’t unnecessarily change anything that only requires a bit of sprucing up. You’ll eliminate unnecessary expenditure this way as well.

Take these little concerns into consideration throughout the process of restoring your old home, and you should be mostly well equipped for the job.

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Characteristics of a Successful Real Estate Agent

One of the main things that you need to know about the real estate industry is that one cannot survive in it alone. Whether you are a team player or not, you will require the assistance of a number of other people in order make profitable income. Among these individuals, the aid of a real estate agent is paramount to the success of your business. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you hire the right agent for the job. When hiring an agent, make sure to see whether he or she has the following characteristics.


A real estate agent who is not tenacious will not be able to get you what you want. Remember that consumers will be quite hesitant when buying houses, especially from an unfamiliar seller. It the responsibility of the agent to persuade these individuals to make the purchase. Some buyers will be stubborn about the price or about certain aspects of the house. At such circumstances, the agent must not give up easily. He or she must be able to close the deal one way or another.

Local Knowledge

It can be quite difficult for you to find the right property or suitable customers when you are unaware about your place of living. Local knowledge is an essential qualification for all real estate agents. These individuals must always follow up on property news in order to know where the profitable prospects lie. If the agent has experience in selling homes in the particular area, he or she will have a clear understanding about the requirements of the customers.

Useful Connections

It is imperative for a real estate agent to have a useful network of contacts. When selling a house, you will require the services of various professionals in order to meet the demands of the customers. For instance, you will require the contacts of an inspection company to make sure that the house is clean and hygienic. In the same way, you will require a real estate lawyer or a conveyancer to oversee the conveyance procedure. You must make sure that your agent has such professional contacts.


The real estate agent must be both honest with you and the buyer at all times. It does not matter even if it is for your personal gain, the agent must never lie to the buyer about the house or any other details regarding the contract. Deceiving the buyer can not only ruin your reputation, but it can result in legal and financial complications as well. Moreover, it is important for the agent to be true to his or word as well. For instance, if the agent says that the purchase will be closed within a deadline, it must be done within that time period.

Of course, finding an individual with all the above characteristics can be tough. But if you look in the right places, you will definitely be able to find the right one.



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