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Styling Your Home Like A Pro

Planning to change the look of your home yourself? Yes, it’s a good idea to hire an interior designer.

However, if you’ve your own great ideas, you can go ahead and start planning.

It’s a great idea if you don’t have a significant budget. So, if you’re home anyway, you can tinker around your house just the way you want. Buy the curtains you need. Renovate your bathroom and kitchen with some great faucets and cabinets. Or, make your living room look so much cooler.

The home stylist job is changing bland and boring home to something extraordinary. To help you become your own home stylist, follow the helpful guidelines below.

Styling Your Home Like A Pro

It is your home, and the best person to know what makes the household happy is no one else but you. It may not be an easy task, but if you are well prepared, this supposedly challenging task can be fulfilling and fun.

To help you get started, below are important tips to consider when taking the role as your home “professional home stylist”:

  • Get inspirations

Photos of home images, from the internet, magazines or actual homes, you love the most should be collected and piled in a box or a folder. Get every interesting piece you see, the image of a chair or sofa, wall décor from paintings to wall clocks, curtains and more. Think of how you can tinker around with the house interiors, or Google for some great ideas. You will find something you will like.

  • Set the plan

What would you want your home to look and feel like? Do you want a classy or a modern look? Google what you want, get inspiration. Then, from each photo you collected, ask yourself what made you like that particular piece. Know the elements that catch your interest the most (it can be the pattern, the color or the shape of the furniture). You can also ask around your family and friends about their thoughts before you start shopping.

  • Never set aside comfort

No matter how beautiful your home design looks like, it will never be livable if it does not offer comfort to the household and its guests. Find furniture that can give people comfort. For your chair and sofa,for instance, you need to have nice and comfortable cushions to pair up with it, check on Wow Cushion ( for a wide range of comfortable and beautiful cushions to choose from.

  • Mix them up

You don’t need to buy new appliances and furniture to change the overall look of your home. Keep some of your old stuff and mix it up with new ones. Keep those that are still in pristine condition, or at least change or improve some of its parts, like cabinet handles and toilet bowl seat.

Changing the look of your home should often happen, hiring a professional is not needed as long as you know you can do it your own.

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Always Make These Repairs Before Open House Events

If you want to get a better price for the property you are selling, it is really important that you get it ready. There are so many improvements that you can make and visual modifications that need to be considered. The prospective buyer will surely take all problems into account, ranging from a broken light to a leaky faucet.

If you are organizing an open house event, be sure that you make the following repairs as they are the ones that will have the highest possible influence on the negotiation process.

Start With A Home Inspection

Before anything is done, it is a good idea to do a home inspection. The buyer will most likely want this anyway so you can present it when the buying process starts. The reason why you want the home inspection to be done is that it can highlight different serious problems the property has and you had no idea about. In some situations they need to be taken care of before any hope of getting a buyer appears, like foundation problems that can impact overall home safety.

Continue With Curb Appeal Improvements

This is the topic that is the most documented on the internet. You are going to find numerous articles about how to increase property curb appeal. The bottom line you need to remember is that it is really important that you make the home look better from the moment it is seen by the potential buyer. This includes landscaping and even painting the exterior of the house. Do be sure the exterior looks as attractive as possible if you are interested in making a sale through an open house event.

Make Sure Everything Works

It is common to just postpone some home work that would be needed because of financial constraints but before the open house event you do need to be sure everything works as it should. The two things that you have to always think about are: electrical work and plumbing systems.

Speaking about electricity, a common approach from some buyers is to just turn on everything that consumes in order to see if the system can hold. Make sure this does happens and also do buy light bulbs so whenever a light is turned on, it works.

When referring to plumbing work, if there are leaks, the best thing you can do is to contact a plumber in Melbourne or where the property is. Buyers will actually love hearing the fact that a specialist plumber took care of the system and made sure all works as it should.

Painting Rooms

This is one of the simplest things you can do in order to increase curb appeal and make the property more attractive. Try to go for colors that are neutral since you want to allow the buyer to see himself living in the home. Anything too bold, like red ceilings or black bathrooms, can reduce the number of people that would be interested, unless an interior designer did some great work.


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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Furniture At All Times

Though you might assume that shopping for furniture is quite easy, there is actually a lot more that goes into the process. It is all well and good to fall in love with a particular piece and just want to take it home, but you do have to remember that furniture should last a while. Unless of course you are a college student and your primary concern is price, not quality! That said, for new homeowners, it can be a tricky task, especially since you want to lock in the best possible deal financially as well. Here we have collected some of the best tips to help you along, all pertaining to the quality and design which are essential attributes when it comes to furniture.


In other words, the construction of the piece. You can easily judge whether a piece of furniture is of good quality or not simply by the build. Those that are well-constructed as usually sturdy, hardy and heavy, often because they are made of solid wood. Unless you are on a strict budget, avoid going for materials other than wood; except for outdoor furniture perhaps. Wooden furniture is not only more elegant and chic, they can also be sold as second-hand furniture sometime down the line if need be.


This is also important to consider, as some designs are timeless and others are specific to eras. Antiques for instance have already proven to be timeless over the years, gradually accumulating worth and higher prices with time. Others are more modern options, so which you decide to go for is entirely upto you. For example, you are unlikely to come across antique leather lounges, but they are definitely available as modern-day additions, which if we may say so ourselves, are hip and trendy. They are also great for entertaining guests since they can quite literally just lounge about and relax.

The Finish

Just like your home should be carefully and neatly finished, the furniture you opt for should also be well-crafted. That means a well-done polishing job, and the right staining and colouring as well. This is especially important for wooden furniture, since any discrepancies are often glaringly visible. Did you know that generally, many pieces can be changed purely via the finish colour? Go from traditional to contemporary simply with a change in shade, and turn the same furniture into something new down the line.

An ‘Oomph’ Factor

When you shop for clothes you often look for that eye-catching detail that is as unique as it is flattering, and the same goes when shopping for furniture as well. Quality pieces of furniture will most likely have something that sets them apart, and thus gives it a unique look overall. Choose options like those. You will find that they too stand the test of time and can be used for years on end, even becoming generational artifacts so to speak. Remember, simplicity is key so you are looking for just the one oomph factor.

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Why You Need Professional Pipeline Fixers in the Following Situations

Pipeline fixing involves every service you can get with regard to pipes which carry water and gas into buildings and then waste outside. While many of us may have a little understanding about fixing a small blockage in our kitchen sink or unclogging the toilet, not every problem with these pipelines are going to be that easy to fix. There are some serious problems we have to face with time especially when the building we use gets older.

At any of such time we need to hire the best professional plumber Glen Waverley has. They are the best people to deal with any of the following situations.

Broken or Leaking Taps and Pipes

A tap or a pipe starts to leak most of the time when it gets damaged. This can happen due to use over time or because we have been careless when using them. We can put a patch and solve the problem for a short time. However, if we want to fix the problem for the long term we need to hire the services of a professional pipeline fixer. They have all the knowledge and experience with fixing such leakages that they know exactly what solution will work with your leaking pipe or tap.

Leaking Roofs

What can be more annoying than a leaking pipe or a tap? Well, a leaking roof can be a big problem. This means when it is raining outside you cannot find the warmth and protection you want from your home as the roof is leaking. If this leak is not fixed as soon as possible it can damage the roof making you replace the roof or even part of it. Therefore, it is good to hire a professional pipeline fixer to handle this matter and be done with that problem as well.

Leaking or Broken Toilets

Having a bathroom indoors has made it easier for us to attend to our sanitation needs. However, it has also made our house weak to a lot of pipeline problems. Especially, where there are leaking toilets or broken toilets that become a problem which affects the whole household. A professional pipeline fixing firm has all the answers for these problems.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can cause our drains to overflow and even can create backflow. None of those are pleasant experiences. A professional pipeline fixer can clear these blockages in no time.

If you are wise enough to hire the best professional pipeline fixers to solve these problems you will not have to be uncomfortable for long.

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How to Have an Art Exhibition in Your Home

As struggling creative types are ever searching for new and unique ways to present their work, more and more of them are now hosting exhibitions in their own homes. This interesting trend has multiple effects. One such effect is that it creates a closer, deeper connection between the painter or sculptor and their audience. A home exhibition draws the audience further into the world of the artist, revealing their very character and personality through the atmosphere unlike any gallery or studio can. If you plan to have a home exhibition, here are some helpful suggestions to make it go off without a hitch.


If one of the reasons you’re having the exhibition at home is to enhance your pieces and have your personality or character shine through, then there’s not much you need to do apart from tidying up. If you have a lot of furniture, you will have to move things around. Hire a team for art hanging Melbourne. They will be able to help you work with the features and furniture in your home. They’d also handle all the mounting and installing of the various pieces you wish to display without doing any damage. Take lighting and space into account when you’re planning the arrangements.

Whom to Invite

Who is your audience? Are you just having the exhibition for family and friends? Or are you trying to promote yourself as an up-and-comer? If you are looking for self-promotion, some of your invitations should go to friends and family who will surely show up, while others should go out to members of the press, and some members of the general public. This will earn you some attention and media coverage. Make sure the invitations inform guests about appropriate attire and the theme of the event.


Start prepping as early as possible. Send invitations at least a month in advance, and take care when setting the date and time. Make sure there are no other events expected to be held on that date, and set a time that ensures all your guests can attend. Make arrangements for catering and installation teams in advance as well. Don’t leave room for any hiccups by doing things at the last minute. Have active social media pages to promote the event, and as the date draws nearer, send reminders to the guests. On the day of the event, start setting up and arranging early. Ideally you should arrange the day before, in case any unforeseen issues arise.

Hosting the Event

Be a gracious host; provide refreshments and socialize with all the guests. People want to have a good time, not just browse the paintings and sculptures. Keep posting on social media sites, and encourage social media posts by your guests as well. Take advantage of the viral internet sharing trends. Also try to attract the attention of the news media by having the writers or journalists you invited give you an interview.

If you go about the event with these points in mind, you should have a successful home exhibition. Follow up by thanking the guests, in person when they are leaving, as well as on social media.

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Home Maintenance and Repair Tips for any Home

If you’re spring cleaning or just doing some home maintenance, you may find that there are plenty of repairs that you’ll come across. Some of them you will be able to handle yourself, but you need to know when to call in the pros. You also need to know when you’re being stingy. Don’t hesitate to repair something that’s heavily damaged because you fear the cost. It may be more dangerous to leave the damaged items as they are. Here are a few more tips for home repair and maintenance.


Mold is one of the biggest problems most homes face. You may think that scrubbing away the mold and grime in those damp areas is enough. However, especially if the mold seems to reoccur in these spots, it may be that there is a leak inside a wall or ceiling that needs to be tended to. Call a plumber to assess the damage, and find out if more extensive repairs might be required.

Replace or Repair

Before you order brand new product, see if you can find someone to fix weatherboards Melbourne. You might be able to save more if you know when to repair and when to replace. If some window frames have rot, for example, you don’t need to replace them all. The wood can be replaced only where necessary, and treatment can be applied to all wooden areas to prevent further damage. In other cases, however, it may actually be more cost-effective to replace items altogether, like with some appliances. You might as well replace the old obsolete model of refrigerator, for instance.

Safety Hazards

Do a thorough inspection around the house to find any potential hazards that need to be dealt with. If you are unsure of what counts as a safety or environmental hazard, it is best that you contact a building inspector. However, you should generally be on the lookout for fire hazards, loose or expose electrical wiring, and structural damages around the house.

Know when to Do-it-Yourself

Take care that you don’t mess with any of the wiring, plumbing, or any other big jobs. Many of these need proper licensing, and often pose serious dangers. Don’t risk injury to you or your family by trying to repair something you’re unfamiliar with, no matter how accurate those YouTube video instructions are. Basic things like changing light bulbs, replacing a tile, or patching up paint are usually where you should limit your involvement. Don’t let the idea of saving money jeopardize your health and safety or risk damaging the house further.

Preventative Measures

Whatever extent of maintenance you’re performing, it pays to see to some preventative measures. You’ll prevent future damage and minimize costs on repairs. Cover pipes with insulation, especially in preparation for winter, use weatherproof outdoor paint, and apply weathershield protection to your woodwork.

These are just a handful of ways that you can maintain your home and repair household damage. The best way to make sure you are being safe and following correct procedures is to hire the right professionals. It’s not advisable to do any of these repairs yourself.

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